Efficient Task Management for Your Commercial Construction Project

You are about to embark on a massive commercial construction project, and you want to do everything you can to impress your clients. Completing your project on time – or even ahead of schedule – is a great way to do just that, but following through on that goal is going to be difficult if you don’t manage your time right.

Efficiency is key when working on a commercial construction project, so the commercial construction consultants at George Rullo and Associates have come up with a few recommendations that will help you complete your project efficiently and in a timely manner.

Plan ahead

Never underestimate the power of a good plan. Take the time to fully understand what needs to be done, figure out the best way to execute each task at hand, and know how to deal with unexpected situations as they arise. Planning does take a little time, but if you spend an hour or so planning your week, writing down what needs to be completed by the end of each day, and prioritizing important tasks, you will save hours during the week.


There are obviously some tasks that need to be done before others can begin – you can’t install electricity before the framing goes up, after all – so note certain tasks that are more important than others and focus on getting them done first. With the main tasks out of the way, each subsequent task will move a lot more efficiently.

Keep an eye on deadlines

A big part of efficient task management is establishing deadlines so that every member of your team is on the same page and no one gets too overwhelmed. For example, building a large office building may seem like a daunting task when looking at the big picture, but if you set deadlines for when the foundation should be poured, the framing should be done, the windows installed, etc. then it’s much easier to deliver the entire project on time.

Work efficiently and safely

Getting a project done on schedule does not necessarily mean work as fast as you can. If you are trying to speed through a task, you may miss a crucial step that leads to costly and time-consuming repairs or forget to look where you are going and end up injuring yourself on the job. Make sure to balance your pace and adhere to all safety protocols while you work so that you minimize mistakes.

Take a break

It may sound odd, but taking a break can sometimes be the best way to save time. You need a moment to catch your breath, discuss any issues you have come across with your supervisor, or review/modify your daily plan. Take your breaks at natural stopping points so you don’t lose momentum, and then refocus on completing your task to the best of your ability.

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